Change in Direction

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Chatter

Last year I started writing a book on crochet menswear, then subsequently decided to release my patterns separately instead of waiting to have a bunch done for a book. After doing a bit of assessment, I concluded that there just isn’t enough interest yet in menswear patterns to make that focus a worthwhile goal for me. So, I’m changing directions.

I’m will still release my patterns separately, but I won’t focus on menswear. I’ll make patterns for things I like that are fun for me to make and that I think will sell. I really like making scarves and hats! Luckily, that’s the kind of thing most crocheters are looking for anyway. I will no longer make promises about making garments. I find I mostly don’t have the patience to finish them. If I find the patience, I’ll just spring it on ya! 🙂


Get Yarny!  🙂

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