What A Year!

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Chatter

I had a huge upset earlier this year when I was illegally evicted from my residence. I had nowhere to go on low income and short notice.  So, I ended up living in my vehicle on the streets on Atlanta.

To add insult to injury, I was paid up on rent for two months past the date of my eviction! I filed a small claims suit against my landlord and could have gotten her for the triple damages allowed in this state. But the stress of the situation was triggering my heart condition causing me to have bouts of atrial fibrillation. I needed to lower my stress level. Otherwise I would end up in the hospital or worse. So, I had the court dismiss my case without prejudice. (That gives me the option of bringing it back within the statute of limitations.)

Things have greatly improved since then. After a few months, I found someone to rent me a room for $310 a month with no deposit. After dealing with being homeless during humid 100+ degree weather, I’m grateful to be living indoors again. Phew! To top it off, I’m now a land owner – 6 acres of practically virgin country land! I found a way to start on my dream of owning my own home again free and clear even on a low income. I call my place Homestead Acres at Freedom Farms.

Now that I’m on the upswing after several years of life challenges, my desire to play with yarn has come back. And boy has it come back with a force! I took out my Bond knitting machine that had been sitting in its box for 4 years and started going to town with machine knitting. I’m loving it! I’m even making things for sale to supplement my income. This is the perfect time of year for it. I only been at it a few weeks and it’s already profitable! I’m inspired to keep going and see just what I can make of my little start-up knitting business. It is giving me something to blog about again. 🙂

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