Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody!

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Chatter

I’m yarning away again…

In a few days I think I’ll post pics of the scarf I completed last week and the one I’m working on now. Instead of trying to accomplish something with crochet, I’m doing what worked so well for me – using it as meditation. I like just doing a repetitive pattern in which I can lose myself and let color bring visual interest to the finished work.

The last several years have been a complete overhaul of life for me. I’m now living in Aiken, SC. And two months ago I moved into a place of my own for the first time in six years. No more being homeless! No more being a guest in someone’s home! No more renting rooms! I am so grateful for the progress I’ve made.

There were plenty of hard times that made me tale a good look at myself and what I was thinking and believing about life. I’ve come back into alignment with my spiritual center and discovered unconditional love and happiness. So, it was all worth it! I’m excited about seeing what life I create now and what creativity comes through me. Let’s just see!


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