Crochet Is Keeping Me Sane

Posted: May 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

It has been a hard week grieving the death of my friend. Some days the pain has been so great that I could hardly speak to people without my voice shaking. Two nights ago I answered the phone at work and almost burst into tears as I said “hello”.

Today is the funeral, but I won’t be able to travel to attend. So, I sit at home and crochet. I have a tealight candle lit. And I crochet. I just crochet and think about Darien. He loved candlelight and meditation. In fact, he facilitated group meditation for people seeking emotional healing. So, I’ll sit some more and crochet while this tealight burns. Later, I’ll light another candle and meditate in his honor.

For  now crochet is keeping me sane. It’s something to focus on and lose myself to its rhythm. Yesterday I finished the triangle I began the day Darien died. I thought of him as I made it. In a bit I’ll weave in the ends and have it ready for meditation later. I’ll hold it in my lap as I go within letting it represent the softness of Darien’s energy. He was kind and gentle and had a smile that went on forever. I’m grateful to have known him.

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