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A BIG thank you to everyone who messaged me condolences and words of encouragement! I woke up today with the knowing that it was time to begin to pull myself together and put my mind back into organization. Because…you know…life does go on. That doesn’t mean that I will no longer grieve. (I’ll know that I’m done grieving when I’m done.) But it does mean not letting the loss of a loved one destroy my life.

For a few days I was worried that I had triggered depression – something that plagued me most of my life. I was even hospitalized once some years ago because of it and received a Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis. Once I learned to question my thoughts, childhood traumas subsided and the depression simply went away.

I’m happy to say that I am not depressed. I can feel the difference between grief and depression. It reminds me of the first time I received medical treatment for depression in my early 30’s. One day I was feeling sad because I was lonely and bored living in a new place. I realized I was sad, but not depressed. I literally thought, “So, this is how it is for normal people???” Before then, I had never known the difference since I had depression from childhood on. What a difference it makes to one’s quality of life to be able to experience sadness, loneliness, or grief without depression!

Back when I was depressed, no one’s words could help. No one’s hugs could make any real difference. But during this time of grieving, your words have touched me in a positive way helping to lift me ever so slightly. Now I’m puttig on my big boy pants and getting on with things while giving myself permission to grieve some more when I need  to.

Soon, you’ll see changes to the website. I have so much crochet goodness to share! There will be blog posts, videos, templates, patterns, tutorials, and more. I hope you find it inspiring and fun. I hope it breathes even more life and creativity into your crochet projects.

“I am so grateful for love and kindness!
I bow in utter thanks for life.”

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