A Yarn Winding Fool

Posted: May 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Yup! I’m a yarn winding fool now! 🙂

A few Fridays ago a box arrived at my door containing my new yarny toy. This yarn winder was a gift from someone on Ravelry who noticed I had disappeared from the crochet world for several years. She sent me a message on Ravelry back in February of 2017. But since I hadn’t checked the site for quite a while, I didn’t see the message until last month. Her short email ended with:

“I was wondering if you are still crocheting, and if not, do you need help in getting started up again?”

How cool, huh?

We began messaging back and forth talking about crochet and our lives. Then she saw my post about wishing I still had my old yarn winder and sent me a message offering to get me one. She wanted to do whatever she could to encourage me to get back into crochet. Before the week was up the yarn winder was in my hands. And I’ve been caking yarn ever since!

If feels really good to know that there are people in the world who don’t want anything from you other than for you to shine. This angel didn’t have to do this. But she allowed kindness and generosity to flow through her and touch me. I am so grateful!

To be in the flow of giving and receiving (and not be just a taker) I’ve decided to be a part of Mr. Yarnypants’ Beanie Drive. He’s collecting crochet beanies and scarves to deliver to homeless shelters. Having been homeless I can appreciate this effort. Little demonstrations of care can help a person in need have a little more hope that makes a difference for positive change. If you feel so moved, you can crochet a little love for someone too. Check out the video clip below for more info.

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