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So, I spent hours and hours making this Baktus shaped scarf. It’s done in Slip Stitch Crochet garter stitch. It’s lightweight, soft, and stretchy. I like the colors – blue and brown. (They didn’t come true in the photo.) I finished it last night and wove in the four ends. I was so proud of myself.

On my way over to the sink to wet it for blocking, I put it around my neck and smiled into the mirror. “I hate it!”,  my mind screamed. “Maybe if I do it like this.”  I tried folding it down. I tried wrapping it different ways. Then out loud I said, “Nope, don’t like it. This is getting frogged!”  I walked away from the mirror shaking my head.

And I was a good little boy writing up the pattern as I crocheted too! Often, I promise myself I can just keep notes in my head until I’m done. But then I end up sometimes having to swatch to remember what I did. This time I wrote as I crocheted.

The Baktus Scarf seems popular on Ravelry. As of right this minute, there are 181 search results for it. I love a triangle shawl, so I was all excited to make my own slip stitch version of the Batkus Scarf. I figured I’d like a scarf with a smallish triangle instead of a big ol’ triangle shawl to wear myself. But when I put it on my neck, it was a big fat “NO!” The fact that I put it on the ground to take the pic tells you something. LOL

Sometimes a project just doesn’t work out. At least I’ll have fun using my new yarn winder to re-cake this yarn. Haha!

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