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Pattern Sneak Peak

Posted: July 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

To check it out, visit the new site HERE.


New Website & Tutorials

Posted: June 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hmmm…I thought I posted about my new site. But it looks like I posted the notice on the site where I talk about success and spirituality by mistake. I’m sure my readers there wondered why I was posting about crochet. Haha!

So, check out the new A Yarnified Life website at If you’re into Tunisian crochet, you’ll like the tutorials I posted on reversible Tunisian crochet. No double-ended hook needed!

I’ll get around to putting a subscribe button or something on the site soon. Until then I’ll keep coming back here to post notices of new things on the site.

A Yarnified Life

Where’ve You Been?

Posted: June 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’ve been busy crocheting! I haven’t gotten the new website done yet, but I have some of the samples for the site finished. I’m almost ready to write the patterns for them and record the tutorials.

In the meantime, I’m also starting a local crochet group. About two and a half months ago I visited the only yarn shop in town and spoke with the owner. When I told her I crochet she said, “We’re mostly knitters around here.” Oh brother! Why does that even need to be said? I talked about wanting to start a crochet group and said I thought it would be great to meet at her shop. She was polite, but didn’t express any interest. So, I emailed her just in case she might say “yes”. I got no response. You’d think she’s jump on the idea of getting more yarn crafters in the store, right?

Not to be deterred, I approached the manager of the public library about meeting there. She said “yes”. It was an easy, quick conversation. The first meeting at the library is now scheduled for the 30th. Yay! Since it’s just going to be a monthly thing, I’m organizing community hookups at cafes and other places for the other weeks. I’m so excited to meet other crocheters in the area and crochet together!

If you’re in the Aiken, SC area, you’re invited!

The link to the weekly hookup:

The link to the monthly group at the library:

Mother’s Day

Posted: May 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

I hope those of you who are mothers enjoyed your day today. I got to speak to my mom by phone. We were on the phone for a few hours. She received her gifts Thursday and she loved them.

What did I give her? My own handiwork, of course! She got this rainbow shawl. (I posted it here when it was done.)

And she got this triangle scarf. It actually has some lacework in it, but you can tell because of the busyness of the colors. The yarn has a strand of gold glitter. And Mother loves some shine!

Sorry for the crappy pics. As I work on putting together the new site, I’ve got to learn to take better pics of my handmade beauties.

Anyway Mother loved her gifts. She wore the scarf to church this week. But she said it was freezing in there and she wishes she had taken the shawl. LOL. It is a pleasure to be able to put a smile on her face.


Posted: May 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

So, I spent hours and hours making this Baktus shaped scarf. It’s done in Slip Stitch Crochet garter stitch. It’s lightweight, soft, and stretchy. I like the colors – blue and brown. (They didn’t come true in the photo.) I finished it last night and wove in the four ends. I was so proud of myself.

On my way over to the sink to wet it for blocking, I put it around my neck and smiled into the mirror. “I hate it!”,  my mind screamed. “Maybe if I do it like this.”  I tried folding it down. I tried wrapping it different ways. Then out loud I said, “Nope, don’t like it. This is getting frogged!”  I walked away from the mirror shaking my head.

And I was a good little boy writing up the pattern as I crocheted too! Often, I promise myself I can just keep notes in my head until I’m done. But then I end up sometimes having to swatch to remember what I did. This time I wrote as I crocheted.

The Baktus Scarf seems popular on Ravelry. As of right this minute, there are 181 search results for it. I love a triangle shawl, so I was all excited to make my own slip stitch version of the Batkus Scarf. I figured I’d like a scarf with a smallish triangle instead of a big ol’ triangle shawl to wear myself. But when I put it on my neck, it was a big fat “NO!” The fact that I put it on the ground to take the pic tells you something. LOL

Sometimes a project just doesn’t work out. At least I’ll have fun using my new yarn winder to re-cake this yarn. Haha!

A Yarn Winding Fool

Posted: May 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Yup! I’m a yarn winding fool now! 🙂

A few Fridays ago a box arrived at my door containing my new yarny toy. This yarn winder was a gift from someone on Ravelry who noticed I had disappeared from the crochet world for several years. She sent me a message on Ravelry back in February of 2017. But since I hadn’t checked the site for quite a while, I didn’t see the message until last month. Her short email ended with:

“I was wondering if you are still crocheting, and if not, do you need help in getting started up again?”

How cool, huh?

We began messaging back and forth talking about crochet and our lives. Then she saw my post about wishing I still had my old yarn winder and sent me a message offering to get me one. She wanted to do whatever she could to encourage me to get back into crochet. Before the week was up the yarn winder was in my hands. And I’ve been caking yarn ever since!

If feels really good to know that there are people in the world who don’t want anything from you other than for you to shine. This angel didn’t have to do this. But she allowed kindness and generosity to flow through her and touch me. I am so grateful!

To be in the flow of giving and receiving (and not be just a taker) I’ve decided to be a part of Mr. Yarnypants’ Beanie Drive. He’s collecting crochet beanies and scarves to deliver to homeless shelters. Having been homeless I can appreciate this effort. Little demonstrations of care can help a person in need have a little more hope that makes a difference for positive change. If you feel so moved, you can crochet a little love for someone too. Check out the video clip below for more info.


Posted: May 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

A BIG thank you to everyone who messaged me condolences and words of encouragement! I woke up today with the knowing that it was time to begin to pull myself together and put my mind back into organization. Because…you know…life does go on. That doesn’t mean that I will no longer grieve. (I’ll know that I’m done grieving when I’m done.) But it does mean not letting the loss of a loved one destroy my life.

For a few days I was worried that I had triggered depression – something that plagued me most of my life. I was even hospitalized once some years ago because of it and received a Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis. Once I learned to question my thoughts, childhood traumas subsided and the depression simply went away.

I’m happy to say that I am not depressed. I can feel the difference between grief and depression. It reminds me of the first time I received medical treatment for depression in my early 30’s. One day I was feeling sad because I was lonely and bored living in a new place. I realized I was sad, but not depressed. I literally thought, “So, this is how it is for normal people???” Before then, I had never known the difference since I had depression from childhood on. What a difference it makes to one’s quality of life to be able to experience sadness, loneliness, or grief without depression!

Back when I was depressed, no one’s words could help. No one’s hugs could make any real difference. But during this time of grieving, your words have touched me in a positive way helping to lift me ever so slightly. Now I’m puttig on my big boy pants and getting on with things while giving myself permission to grieve some more when I need  to.

Soon, you’ll see changes to the website. I have so much crochet goodness to share! There will be blog posts, videos, templates, patterns, tutorials, and more. I hope you find it inspiring and fun. I hope it breathes even more life and creativity into your crochet projects.

“I am so grateful for love and kindness!
I bow in utter thanks for life.”